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Thank you for agreeing to present at the 2019 Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP2019). To help make your speaking experience as simple and trouble-free as possible, we have developed answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Presenters’ below.


Pre conference – Event details

[toggles class=””][toggle title=”What is the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference?” class=”in”]

The Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition (APP) is The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s annual national conference and the largest pharmacy conference and trade show in Australia. APP offers attendees a four day educational program, a trade exhibition featuring over 450 stands and a social program. The event is now in its 29th year.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Who attends the event?”]

The conference is attended by a wide range of community pharmacy stakeholders including community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, accredited pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy students and interns, pharmacy industry service providers, educators, government officials and representatives, pharmacy trade press and other pharmaceutical and health related industry professionals.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”When and where is the conference being held?”]

APP2019 is being held from 7 – 10 March 2019 at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, 2684-2690 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach.[/toggle][/toggles]


Pre conference – Speaker Information

[toggles class=””][toggle title=”When is my presentation?” class=”in”]

To view your presentation day, time and session room please download the latest copy of the program here.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”How much time do I have to present?”]

Please refer to the program for your presentation duration. For CPD purposes (see below), your overall presentation time must factor in five (5) minutes of question time.

Educational session presenters (those presenting in the Personal & Professional Development Stream in Arena 1A) must also factor in five (5) minutes at the beginning of their session for a sponsor address.

To ensure the smooth running of sessions and as a courtesy to other speakers, please restrict your presentation to the allocated time period.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Will I be provided with a PowerPoint template?”]

Yes, you have been sent a PowerPoint template with your confirmation email (if you have not yet received this please contact the Events Manager – see contact details below). If possible, we would like all speakers to use the PowerPoint template for visual consistency. If you do not wish to use the template, please create your PowerPoint slides in 16:9 format (widescreen) to fit the screen size. An introductory slide will be added to the front of your presentation to acknowledge the session sponsor.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Which audio visual tools will be available for my session?”]

The following audio visual equipment will be available in your session room:

  • lectern and microphone
  • lapel microphone
  • laser pointer
  • dual projection screens

If you require additional audio visual equipment, please advise the Event Manager as soon as possible. Your presentation will be pre-loaded and ready for you on arrival in your session room.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Will my presentation be made available to delegates following the conference?”]

Recordings of the conference sessions are made available online to all full delegates following the event. To indicate whether or not you wish to have your session made available on this recording, please complete Section B of the Speaker Registration & Agreement Form (see below).[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Do I need to register for the conference?”]

Yes. All speakers are entitled to a complimentary Day Registration on the day of their presentation (unless otherwise advised by the Events Manager). To register please complete the Speaker Registration & Agreement Form. This form allows you to purchase social function tickets and/or to upgrade to a full registration for a discounted rate.  Please return this form by 31 January 2019.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”If I require accommodation, how do I book this?”]

If accommodation has not been arranged by your session sponsor or The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, you can book accommodation via the following link http://pulseevent.com.au/app2019/ [/toggle][/toggles]


Pre conference – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation

[toggles class=””][toggle title=”Why must I apply for CPD accreditation for my session?” class=”in”]

The accreditation of sessions allows pharmacists to gain CPD credits when they attend accredited sessions. Each year, pharmacists must obtain a specified number of credits to maintain registration. In our experience, sessions which have been accredited for CPD credits are more likely to attract higher attendance numbers.

All presenters must apply for CPD accreditation for their session. The only exception to this are sessions with a predominately commercial and promotional focus (e.g. advertorial and product-based sessions). If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Events Manager.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”What is involved in the CPD accreditation process?”]

For a session to be eligible for CPD accreditation, certain material (as outlined below) must be submitted. Once you have submitted the required material, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia will review the session information against the criteria described in the Accreditation Standards for Continuing Professional Development Activities.  If further information is required to accredit a session, the Events Manager will contact the presenter.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Which documents and material do I need to submit to apply for my session to be CPD accredited?”]

  1. Speaker Registration & Agreement Form – the purpose of this form is to register each speaker for the conference and to allow speakers to give permission for their presentation to be recorded and made available on the online session recordings, which are available to all full delegates after the event
  2. Completed CPD Accreditation Application Form for each presenter – this form allows speakers to disclose any conflicts of interest and also provides a checklist
  3. Final PowerPoint presentation on APP template – as mentioned above, you have already been sent a PowerPoint template, which we ask all speakers to use for visual consistency. If you do not wish to use the template, please create your PowerPoint slides in 16:9 format (widescreen) to fit the screen size
  4.  Key messages – please supply at least three (3) key messages you want the audience to take from your presentation
  5.  Handouts/instructional material (if applicable)
  6. Assessment questions (Multiple Choice Questions/MCQs) – please provide five (5) multiple choice questions. MCQs answers must:
  • Relate to the key messages you want to deliver to the audience
  • Have four (4) plausible answers (A-D) – answers to be provided
  • Not include ‘true / false’, ‘all of the above’ and /or ‘ don’t know’ answer options
  • Be covered in the content of the presentation (i.e. not new or additional to the presentation)
  • Be of sufficient difficulty and can’t be answered unless the participant actually attends the session

Overview of documents to be submitted:

Item Deadline
Speaker Registration & Agreement Form* 31 January 2019
Completed CPD Accreditation Application Form for each presenter 6 February 2019
Final PowerPoint presentation on APP template* 6 February 2019
Key messages you want the audience to take from your presentation
Handouts/instructional material (if applicable) 6 February 2019
Assessment questions (Multiple Choice Questions/MCQs) with correct answer highlighted – at least five (5) MCQs are required for activities of a duration of up to one hour 6 February 2019

*All presenters must provide these items by the deadline
Session material submitted after 6 February 2019 will not be eligible for CPD accreditation
.  Please submit to the Events Manager.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Can I get help with submitting my application?”]

Yes, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Queensland Branch is pleased to offer all speakers access to Guild pharmacists who can assist with the application process (e.g. creating multiple choice questions) and answer any questions.  Please contact the Events Manager for further information.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”What if I need to make changes to my PowerPoint presentation after I submit it?”]

The CPD accreditation review process will be undertaken on any material submitted up to 6 February 2019.   Any materials submitted after this date will not be accepted for CPD accreditation.  Making major changes to a PowerPoint presentation is not recommended as this may affect the accreditation status of the session.  If you need to make any changes to your material after submission, please contact the Events Manager to discuss further.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I need some handy hints for developing my PowerPoint presentation and MCQs – can you assist?”]

PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Please ensure that current and complete references are included in your presentation, where applicable
  • Content should be free of commercial bias and have no promotional content
  • Content should be relevant and contemporaneous to the pharmacy industry
  • When referring to available products, active ingredients and various brand names must be used to achieve a balanced presentation (e.g. ‘ibuprofen (Nurofen, Advil, Brufen, Rafen) is indicated for the management of mild pain’). The same applies for the use of pictures/images of a certain product (e.g. Nurofen™); the pictures/images of the other brands must also be included (e.g. Advil™, Brufen™, Rafen™)
  • When referring to a product or service it must be presented in a way which outlines the overall concept rather than an individual product and/or service, e.g. discuss a pharmacy adherence program concept rather than a specific service such as PDL, GuildCare… etc.
  • Your presentation content must cover information for the assessment questions that will be asked of participants when seeking CPD points


[toggles class=””][toggle title=”When should I arrive at the venue for my session?” class=”in”]

Please arrive at the conference at least 30 minutes prior to your session and advise staff at the Enquiries Counter at the Registration Desk that you are on-site. If you arrive within this timeframe you will be taken directly to your session room and introduced to the session Chairperson or Chairperson’s support person.

Following your presentation you are free to leave the session room, unless arrangements have been made with your session sponsor to remain until the end of the session block.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”If I arrive early, will a quiet space be available for me to run through my presentation?”]

Yes, a dedicated Speakers’ Preparation Room is available to all presenters. A laptop and printer will be provided if you need to print your presentation or notes.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”What happens if I am running late?”]

If you are running late for your session, please call the Events Manager, Emma Fernance on 0402 427 691. Emma will liaise with the session Chairperson and develop a contingency plan for your presentation time.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Do I need to bring a copy of my presentation with me?”]

Yes. Although we will have your presentation loaded and ready for you on arrival at your session, we request that you bring an additional copy on a USB on the day of your session as a precaution.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Is there parking available at the venue?”]

Yes, parking at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre is complimentary for all speakers. The entrance to the car park is off the Gold Coast Highway. Please see staff at the Registration Desk prior to leaving the conference for your car park exit ticket.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”How will I know when my presentation time is up?”]

Your Chairperson will advise you when you have five (5) minutes left in your session.  Once again, to ensure the sessions run smoothly and as a courtesy to other speakers, please restrict your presentation to the allocated timeframe.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”How many delegates will I be presenting to and what is the room set up?”]

Personal & Professional Development Stream – Arena 1A (Thursday to Saturday)
Arena 1A contains auditorium-style seating and can accommodate up to 1,100 delegates. This room is located on the Ground Floor of the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Clinical/Business Sessions – Meeting Rooms 5-7 (Thursday –Saturday)
Meeting Rooms 5-7 will be set theatre-style for up to 600 delegates. These rooms are located on Level 1 of the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Management & Operations Stream – Meeting Rooms 5&6 (Sunday)
Meeting Rooms 5 & 6 will be set theatre-style for up to 400 delegates. These rooms are located on Level 1 of the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Pharmacy in 2025 – Meeting Rooms 7 & 8 (Sunday)
Meeting Rooms 7 & 8 will be set cabaret-style for up to 200 delegates. These rooms are located on Level 1 of the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Harm Minimisation Stream – Meeting Rooms 9 (Sunday)

Meeting Room 9 will be set theatre-style for up to 200 delegates. This room is located on Level 1 of the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.[/toggle][/toggles]


Contact Information

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For any speaker related questions before, during or after the event, please contact:

Events Manager
Emma Fernance
E: emma.fernance@qldguild.org.au